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Jess, the Gfree Wifey

My gluten-free journey started as a child, with symptoms such as severe dandruff, joint pain, fluctuating weight, delayed puberty and behavioral manifestations. Despite the growing list of health concerns celiac was not a part of the discussion until 2003, When more symptoms including a debilitating outbreak of psoriasis on both of my hands, amongst others lead me into a whirlwind of research and exploration. No matter what angle I went in my search to find the underlying cause of my poor health, I always came across “celiac disease”. I was convinced this was at the root of my weakened immune system, however, the journey to diagnosis was not so simple and straightforward.

My personal health and well being became my mission. I have always journaled and taken photos as my memory is terrible. The photos and knowledge began to come together on my Instagram account. I began using Instagram as a personal accountability tool to eat healthily, learn new things, and strive for a healthy mind and body. My medical team was always amazed by my wealth of knowledge on the topic of celiac and nutrition. I always had issues with sleeping and did not have television, instead, I was a regular at the local bookstore and library. I love to learn and educate myself, I like to acquire knowledge from all different sources and based on my research do what I decide is best for me. When strangers started to reach out for motivation, questions, and thanks, I had finally felt what all those books were telling me to take that leap of faith and believe in myself, take a risk so Gfreewifey was created.

Join me as I explore and embrace a gluten-free lifestyle, try new recipes and restaurants, health and beauty regimes, explore holistic wellness, spirituality and fitness as Gfreewifey.


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