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Creamy G-free Vegan Avocado Mac

Creamy gluten-free Avocado Mac is my submission for the Canadian Celiac Associations Spring Magazine

The Spring issue was shared with everyone in the spirit of education for celiac awareness month. The magazine is a members only publication. The current issue is loaded with tons of information celebrating Ce4liac awareness month which fall in May each year.

I went with Vegan options because a lot of people with celiac often experience lactose intolerance.

Avocado mac will satisfy those cravings for something creamy without the bloating and upset.

This gf vegan recipe is a simple and versatile base for a variety of flavors.

You can build onto these 4 ingredients with any flavors you enjoy or have on hand. I love to serve this warm to replace a creamy mac and cheese. The gluten version always left me feeling bloated, sick and lethargic.

This recipe can also be served chilled as a salad.

-2 avocados
-1 garlic clove (minced)
-1 lemon or lime
-2 to 3 cups of cooked GF pasta
-salt and pepper
-Optional topping could be anything from baked with vegan cheese or some hot sauce, or maybe a crispy crust of gfree crumbs with herbs.

-How about for a non vegan add some tuna and diced radish for a refreshing tuna salad served chilled.ALL YOU NEED TO DO…
While the pasta is cooking scoop two avocados into a bowl.

Squeeze the juice 1 lemon or lime on top and add minced garlic.

Ensure to mix it all together well. I recommend using a hand mixer for a smooth creamy texture (you can add 2tbs of non-dairy milk to thin to desired texture)

Drain pasta and mix into sauce. Serve warm or chilled.

I chowed down this bowl in not time!

I love to add some tuna sometimes as a no vegan option. Let me know your favorite ways to use avocado. I am new to this healthy fat and just discovering its versatility. Love this recipe then check out my easy avocado mousse for a dairy free dessert too.

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