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Team Canadian Celiac

This year I am trying something I have never done before. I am running to raise awareness for celiac disease. I have joined Team Canadian Celiac and it has grown thanks to all of you who signed up before the early bird deadline. It’s not late to join us for the Scotia Bank Charity Challenge, on October 21 2018. Our Goal is to raise $30’000 to allow @ccaceliac to continue providing science based advice, research and the amazing support programs that all of us rely on daily.

If you are not able to join us on race day to walk or run I would love if you could support with a donation. 100% of your taxable DONATION will go to the Canadian Celiac Association

Why am I running for the Canadian Celiac?

In 2015 after more than 10 years being told I was just crazy, depressed and stressed I was finally diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Ten years of asking my doctor to test me i finally was diagnosed. But now what? Still no one could give me any answers. The Celiac Association was the only resource any of my medical team could provide me for ANY info or questions I had. They just had no knowledge or experience with it.

I am also running for the hundreds of newly diagnosed people and the parents of newly diagnosed children whose world have all just been turned upside down. Everything they have ever been taught about food, cooking and eating needs to be relearned.

For the people who feel alone when the people around them do not understand the auto immune condition that affects their family (it is hereditary so if ANYONE in your family has it demand a scope to confirm)

I want to support not only the research but the support programs provided by the CCA that benefit a rapidly growing community of more than ten thousand individuals .

I hope my voice and presence can guide people to this supportive community full of experiences and resources.

Help support our community by providing safe food for people in need.

Celiac… What is it all about?

It is said that 1% of the population is affected and that number is increasing and has been reported to be closer to 3%.

Based on all of my work with #GFREEWIFEYFOODBANK I believe those numbers are underestimates. The community organizations and non-profits are trying to provide anywhere between 3%-30% of their communities with access to safe gluten-free food.

Ontario is the only province that does not cover the cost of a screening blood test.

With your financial support the CCA will be able to impact change on issues like this. Then diagnosis rates will reflect a more accurate number of people in the population affected. It is estimated that 80% of people with CD are mis or undiagnosed. By implementing a simple blood test we can more accurately screen patients and prevent unnecessary long term burden on their health and the health care system. Please print and sign the petition to have the cost of the blood test covered in Ontario.

Celiac is not an allergy! and why people wrongly think it is not as serious.

It is an auto immune response to ingesting gluten. Gluten is the protein found in most common grains like wheat, barley, rye. When Gluten is ingested the body reacts negatively Damage is caused to the lining of the stomach.

When they do not take it serious this is how I explain celiac …

Celiac can be described as a malnourishment condition because the flattened villi in the stomach prevent the absorption of everything including vitamin, minerals, fats. This is why so many people actually put on weight when they stop eating gluten. When the body stops absorbing nutrients and becomes deficient it begins to mimic other diseases This is what makes celiac so hard to diagnose. There are more than 300 known symptoms and associated conditions and every person presents different. Many people show no symptoms at all! Even when symptoms are not present long term damage can be done to the body which can lead to complications.

Why do so many people with CD experience anxiety and Depression?

People who have lack of symptoms can have an especially challenging time when they constantly get comments like

  • your being dramatic
  • you are just being a health nut
  • but you ate gluten you whole life, look at you your fine.
  • just pick it off you will just get a tummy ache
  • okay but celiac is not real I have never heard of it before
  • just eat it stop being rude
  • your _____ worked hard cooking this for you eat it
  • my _____ has celiac but they still eat it
  • THERE ARE SO MANY MORE ….  let me know what comments you hear the most.


I urge people with celiac ate be their own advocate. Do research, figure out what works for you. When you are confronted with a challenger provide science based information like the CCA shares. Stay calm and hold your ground. Anger will not help you communicate your message. Reach out for support whenever you need it and NEVER compromise your health to silence an unsupportive friend, family member or stranger because they do not understand. Celiac is a life long conditional that currently has no other treatment then eating gluten-free. The associate affects of eating gluten long term can have detrimental impact on your health which do require more extensive medical treatment, which is why it imperative blood test are covered and people are screen sooner.

The CCA has been an incredible resource to me, so I am reaching out to my community to ask you to sponsor me in not only the run but my mission to advocate and spread awareness for Celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity.


Thank you so much and wishing everyone health and love.



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