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#GFreeWifeyFoodBank Holiday 2019 Food Drive

#GFreeWifeyFoodBank Holiday 2019 Food Drive

#GFreeWifeyFoodBank was created to celebrate Celiac Awareness Month, May of 2018Jessica Danford is passionate about bringing attention to food insecurity here in Canada while starting the conversation on access to safe food. People with food allergies, intolerance and dietary restrictions use food banks too. How inspiring as we kick off the Holiday 2019 season to look back at all that has been accomplished. Together our amazing community has come together and donated nearly $4000 & 2040 pounds of gluten-free food to community partners.

Check out the all the #GFREEWIFEYFOODBANK  community has achieved together so far;

  • $1000 Daily Bread Food Bank – May 2018
  • 200 pounds of food donated to Red Cross  Mobile Foodbank – May 2018
  • $1000 donation to The Stop Food Bank – August 2018
  • Nominated for Daily Bread Best in Class award Community Champion – September 2018
  • $1000 to the Canadian Celiac Association – October 2018 – Ran 5k for team CCA
  • 200 pounds of food donated to The Mississauga Food Bank – January 2019
  • Food Banks Canada to add GF to Data collection upon release in 2 years – January 2019
  • 400 pounds of food donated to The Mississauga Food Bank – March 2019
  • 100 pounds of food Donation to Feed It Forward – March 2019
  • Food Rescue to add GF as a selective option in the dietary registration section – April 2019
  • 900 pounds donated to Wychwood drop-in – May 2019
  • 35 pounds of food served direct to registered clients in food hampers – June 2019
  • 155 pounds donated to Foodbank of Waterloo region – September 2019
  • 118 pounds of Food donated to The Mississauga Food Bank – November 2019
  • 25 pounds of food delivered directly to clients registered with GFreeWifeyFoodBank

To date, we have provided 1’933 pounds of safe food to the people who need it most AND $3’914 to various charities to help them provide access to safe food in our communities.

#GFreeWifeyFoodBank gluten-free collection bins can be found at the following locations;

Barrie, Ontario – Cal’s Bakery and Cafe

 When you donate at Cal’s he will match pound for pound your contributions to GFreeWifey FoodBank

Bowmanville, Ontario – Nutritional Kitchen

Donate at Nutrition Kitchen for a chance to win a gift card to use on your favourite treats

Kitchener, Ontario – Winnie’s Gluten-free Food

Donate at Winnie’s you will be entered to win a $25 gift card thanks to our friends at The GF Food Program

London, Ontario – Joanie’s Pastries 

Donate at Joanie’s you will be entered to win a $25 gift card thanks to our friends at The GF Food Program

Mississauga, Ontario – Canadian Celiac Association National HQ

Nobleton, Ontario – Layered Shop

Donate at Layered shop you will be entered to win layered AF giveaways

Oakville, Ontario – Sugar Suites Bakery

Donate at Sugar suites for a chance to win a gift card to use on your favourite treats

Orillia, Ontario – Bakes By The Lake

Donate at Bakes by the Lake for a chance to win a gift card to use on your favourite treats.

Waterloo, Ontario – Gluten-free by Suzie

Donate at Suzie’s booth at the St.jocobs market on one Dec 12 or 14 for a chance to win a $100 Gifts card


Holiday Food Drive Meet N Greet – St. Jacobs Market – Waterloo

Thursday, December 12, 2019, 10 am – 3 pm
Come by the Suzies Glutenfree booth meet GFreeWifey and drop off a donation for your chance to win a $100 gift card. Any donations made at Gluten-free by Suzie booth on December 12 or 14 between 7 am – 3 pm will enter you for a chance to win the $100 gift card.


THIS HOLIDAY SEASON to make it even easier for everyone to give what they can for our Holiday 2019 food drive

To donate funds visit the #GfreeWifeyFoodBank GoFundMe


Shop online and ship directly to us!

I am partnering with Amazon to make it easy for you to select the gluten-free items most needed for the food bank and ship them directly to us. This way you know exactly how your impacting access to safe food and minimizing huger. We can get the food directly to people who need it right away.


Click the GFreeWifey Shop and pick out some great deals then have them shipped directly to us so we can provide access to safe food quickly. Ship you food drive donations to our temporary shipping location:

c/o Canadian Celiac Association
1450 Meyerside Drive, Suite 503
Mississauga, ON
L5T 2N5 Canada




You can help GfreeWifeyfoodbank while cooking at home or buying a gift for someone you love, With Amazon Prime, you’ll get awesome deals for shipping!

Grab a copy of the GFreeWifey Community Cookbook.

All the profits directly support #Gfreewifeyfoodbank


If you are having challenges accessing food Register for #GFREEWIFEYFOODBANK Distribution list. Once you complete the confidential registration form I will contact you as soon as possible  HERE


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