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Glutenfree Chilli

Chili the ultimate comfort food. It can be eaten on its own or used as a topping or filling on other dishes. Try hollowing out some cooked mini potatoes then serving potato skins bites filled with chili. This is an easy weekly meal prep that can be adjusted to any allergies or preferences.

Amazingly easy to make and I love to freeze individual portions for quick weekday meals.

I never use a recipe, but here is what I did…

Gluten-Free Chili Beans I love beans and can make chili with lots of beans and no meat sometimes. Choose all your favorites. This batch I added Red kidney, Chickpeas, White kidneys.

Gluten-Free Chili IngredientsHonestly use whatever veggies you have on hand. You can put tons of veggies and make a vegan or vegetarian chili, This time I used

  • a zucchini
  • a carrot grated
  • mushrooms slices
  • an onion diced
  • and orange, yellow and red peppers diced

Gluten-Free Chili Mix

I then Mix em all together pop the lid on the pot and start cooking em down. While this is all cooking in a separate pan I cook up the meat if I am adding any. This time I used a pound of ground beef but you could use ground turkey to make an even lighter version or no meat if that’s your thing.

Gluten-Free Chili Mix with Meat

When the meat is cooked strain the excess fat then add the meat to the veggies along with stewed diced or crushed tomatoes. You may want to add some tomato paste and pureed tomatoes too. Then add your favorite seasonings. I hit mine with salt, pepper, garlic, chilli spice, and hot peppers. Let the whole mixture simmer for a bit. Then serve on its own, as a side or topping!

Gluten-Free Chili Portions

Divide the remainders into individual portions to freeze you can then pull out a serving to make things like chili cheese fries, loaded nachos or baked potatoes.

Let me know what your favorites are to add to your chili, or how you serve it. I would love to hear new ways to use my chili. Reach me by email or on social media use #gfwfood .

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