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Join Team GFW Fitness Boot Camp

Join Team GFW Fitness Boot Camp

GFW Fitness Boot Camp will help you focus in on your nutrition and daily movement goals. I am so excited to have you on Team GFW Fitness, as we all work at our own pace to reach our personal goals! No matter what your age, experience or fitness level there is something for everyone!

I went from never doing anything fitness related to trying everything…

For two years I worked with various personal trainers. I tried out any fitness classes and apps available. I got results because I was dedicated and showed up each day. These experiences taught me what I like and dislike about various aspects of fitness and programs available. Everything I tried these past couple of  years, my progress was dependent on someone else. I had to cater to their availability, but I loved the accountability having a commitment gave me.This new program is giving me all the best and I am so happy to share this with you.


When I stopped seeing my trainer I lacked the accountability to show up. I stopped going to the gym, working out and started gaining weight.

fitness progress not perfection!
If you are just starting your fitness journey or need something new I invite you to join Team GFW Fitness

This derailment from my wellness goals immediately impacted my overall health and wellness. I was not sleeping as good or eating as good. This impacted my mood which impacted my health. I had no accountability and forgot my WHY.  This is why I am loving this online program that I can tackle when-ever, where-ever I want. I have the accountability of my virtual coach checking in and keeping me on track and amazing community of like minded ladies sharing their daily experiences with access to all these amazing workout routines so I don’t have to spend time worry about what workout I will do next!

Becoming a virtual coach has really been a natural progression for me.

I have been sharing my journey with Celiac Disease and Psoriasis online for a few years. Through my website and social media, I share my gluten-free life style and the ups and downs of life with autoimmune conditions. My personal trainer really encouraged me to use my dedication and drive to help other people feel better and get moving! I think it is important I continue to share my journey. I want to motivate and inspire people no matter what obstacles are slowing them down. To ensure they have someone to show them a positive mindset and show up every day to make their dreams a reality.

minimize the noise and focus on results
What little lies do you tell yourself that are holding you back?

The impacts of fitness on my life have been huge both for my mental and physical health.

My professional experience has been focused in training, coaching and development; so this has really given me the opportunity to get back into doing what I love…


I hope to motivate and inspire you and be there for you when you need a little extra support to show up and make your goals your reality!

minimal tools required for an effective fitness plan
Meet me on your mat daily, all your need is a couple weights and the commitment to show up for yourself.

Joining Team GFW Fitness you will get:

  • 1 Year membership to the online gym.
    • With tons of programs for people of any and all fitness levels.
  • Me as your coach to support you with any questions you have.
  • Nutrition and meal planning
  • Giveaways from brands I partner with.
    • (August boot campers received FruV smoothie blends to kick start nutrition and get those added nutrients to support all the hard work your putting in with daily workouts.)
  • A closed private community of like minded people, where you can post and communicate with other people in our boot camp encouraging each other to show up and share our experiences.
  • The flexibility to workout wherever and when ever you want with fitness programs tailored to your fitness level from you phone, ipad or tv.



July 2019 GFreeWifey before photos;

I am Sharing these before photos with you because I believe in this program and I think you will be amazed by my after pictures after 100 days.

If your not ready to join now that is okay! Follow along on YouTube or in my closed GFW Fitness Facebook group until you are ready to commit to your self, end your limiting beliefs and take control of your life.

I hope following my progress will inspire you to take action and join Team GFW fitness today!


Don’t you want to know what it will feel like to look back at your before pictures and see the impact that a 20-30 minute a day commitment made! I am so excited to take after photos in 100 days. In my first couple weeks I lost 6 pounds and i can see definition coming in.  My energy is up and my overall feeling of wellness has improved dramatically. Make time to take care of yourself join me and give yourself the opportunity to feel accomplishment and success each day and continually focus on self improvement.


Join Team GFW Fitness Now!

Jessica Danford – Virtual Wellness Coach – Team GFW Fitness


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