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I am the sunshine in the morning outdoors person, however, when I’m not digging in the dirt of a new garden project or jumping in a gorgeous northern Ontario lake you will probably find me getting glam for dinner date, work meeting or a fun event with friends and family. So it makes perfect sense that my favorite place to do my make up in is the perfect sunlight outside, eh?

About 2 years ago I was taking over the washroom, as usual, getting ready for a dinner date with Gfreehubby we were going to check out a cool spot I had not been to yet when all of a sudden I gasped and burst into tears. He poked into the washroom and was clearly wondering WTF happened in the 2.5 seconds since he saw me last all bubbly and excited.

Gfree Wifey Gluten-Free Makeup

“I GLUTENED MYSELF!” As the lipstick was gliding across my lip I felt a thought coming on, I looked in the mirror puckered then felt my tongue on my lip and my heart dropped. IS THERE GLUTEN IN LIPSTICK BECAUSE IT’S ON MY LIPS AND I JUST LICKED EM? Why have I never thought of this before this moment, I am so diligent with making sure my food is gluten free why would I not think of all my toiletries and beauty products too?

This was a large AH HAH moment for me. I had to accept that I did not know everything or think of it. This sent me further into a frenzy of gluten hunting I wanted to know every single form of gluten in everything. This experience really highlights how a Celiac Disease diagnosis impacts your whole life. I truly believe it is the push I needed to pursue a holistic healthy life style, and except that no-one is an expert we are all consuming information and learning as we go. Science advances, environmental changes, social beliefs evolve, and we as people are continually learning to grow and change our views and beliefs.

There was barely any info online about gluten-free beauty online and I was equally shocked at the response I got from the makeup counters when I inquired about gfree makeup. Everyone knows a celiac who uses it anyway and doesn’t get sick ….. This is similar to that old saying “A FRIEND OF A FRIEND OF MINE”… I always follow that statement by do you have a contact for this person I would love to connect because that is truly unheard of with celiac disease.

The Saks 5th Avenue, Sherway was having a grand opening event which I attended and had the pleasure of meeting corporate reps from all of the top beauty companies. The team at the CHANTECAILLE counter were so knowledgeable and to date the only company that has confidently been able to list the products that are safe for me to use. To confirm what the truly confident team told me I emailed customer service before investing in a new collection. Here is the email I received from Chantecaille Beaute.

*(WARNING)* Companies change suppliers ingredients and recipes often and you should contact any company you are shopping from each time you buy to ensure the products you love are still safe for you to use.

I do not wear a lot of makeup, however as I learn more about beauty and self-care and the benefits of some products my regime is growing. It is a great time to center yourself calm and focus on you, practice being present and good breathing, all while improving your health and beauty. After contacting the company and doing some more research I decided to invest in this gluten /chemical free makeup.

Chantecaille is a family operation in France run by their matriarch Sylvie Chantecaille. This beauty line is a modern luxury as all the products are made with the most luxurious quality smells and textures. The Chantecaille products are all focused on INFLAMMATION with the powerful properties of the plant based ingredients.  Known for the unique high concentrations natural botanicals, Nature is preserved is an integral part of the branding legacy. They are dedicated to setting a standard while bringing awareness to global issues such as oceans and endangered species. None of the products are tested on animals and are free from Phthalates, sulfate, detergent, mineral oil, petrolatum, palm oil, synthetic collar, fragrance and GMO.

Most Chantecaille products are free from gluten, except:

  • Bio lifting mask,
  • Nano gold energizing face cream,
  • Rice and geranium foaming cleanser,
  • Stress repair concentrate, and
  • camouflage stylo

The moment I returned home from my shopping haul and mini makeover at the Chantecaille counter hubby had to know if I was wearing perfume or got a new scented lotion…

Gluten-Free Chantecaille Mascara

“NOPE…that is the rose water in my new FAUX CILS LONGEST LASH MASCARA”. so the mascara was his favorite on me however I am so torn between the foundation and the eyeliner.

Gluten-Free Chantecaille Foundation

The FUTURE SKIN foundation which is a full coverage product with is so light weight and makes my skin appear flawless with out a heavy application at $72 it is an investment but a new essential in my collection.

Gluten-Free Chantecaille Eyeliner

The LUSTER GLIDE SILK INFUSED eyeliner in plum is to die for it slides on perfectly and the color provides a more neutral look for day time and transition wear. I need girl hack on how to sharpen eyeliner I prefer self-sharpening pencils. What I do love about the eyeliner is it won’t travel on my face it stays where I put it and doesn’t transfer to my eyelids and below my eye making me look like a wild beast.

Gluten-Free Chantecaille Palette

I purchased the MA PALLETTE for $52 because it holds 8 eyeshadows and I knew I loved the product from a few demo try before by so I started with 4 neutral eye shadows ( ALMOND, ROSE GOLD, SEL, PATCHOULI) and a dark for my smokey eye (TITANIUM) while I decide which other colours I need in my life.

I am absolutely in love with these products! Since discovering I need to be aware of not only what goes in my body but on it too because the skin is the first and largest part of our immune system, I have not tried anything else. I need to get over the fear and try some new stuff. People ask how I am so brave to go to restaurants with celiac, but it’s funny I am so nervous about what I put on my body. Perhaps because of my psoriasis and I used to get a rash around my eyes always but since going gluten free that’s gone too.  Whats you favorite brands and things I need to try. Do you know any locally made products I have to test out I am all about supporting local? or do you know a brand that’s safe and ethically sound I want to hear about them?

Makeup is fun and therapeutic often giving us confidence and helping us feel empowered to take on anything.

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