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Mini Meatball of Love soup

Be a wifey; single, married or other…(Wifey the modern woman who does it all; an independent woman who is motivated and inspired to grow individually while fostering a mutually rewarding relationship) I used to spend way too much energy focusing on old world values and not enough on my girl boss self. I always wanted to take care of everyone else and make everyone else happy. That unhealthy mentality of you need someone else to be happy or dedicating your life to make someone else happy is destructive to relationships. Instead, focus on supporting each other in a way to achieve each of your goals.

I am at a point in my life where I have a life partner that is incredibly supportive and encouraging. GFREEHUBBY, as you have seen him called, is not celiac or always gluten-free (yet) however he will enjoy it when we eat out or at home as we like to share meals and are starting to cook together. Anyone who eats gluten-free because they have to should or will know most times when your gluten-free meal comes to the table everyone who was giving you pity party is suddenly not so sorry for your dietary restrictions because your GF meal looks amazing in comparison to the deep fried food that arrived in from of them, and after you finish eating you feel great enjoying a meal without feeling of yuk from the fryer.

I used to love cooking however when a horrible bout of psoriasis attacked my hands for several years I stopped cooking and could no longer work in a restaurant. I loved hosting huge dinner parties with friends or family meal planning and accommodating everyone. Gfreehubby has cooked me so many amazing meals and I keep talking like I’m this great cook but never cooking, one day his momma called me out on it and said I know my son can cook… how about you. The challenge was on, What the heck was I going to cook for him first … He is Italian and he cooks so good, I also have to take into account some dietary restrictions for both of us, gluten-free, no seafood and sometimes dairy free. Then I remember the time I called him a meatball. I blog about food to me food terms are terms of endearment I said it like meatball of love. so ITALIAN WEDDING SOUP but that has gluten so my modern version “meatball of love soup” because those tiny little meatballs require a lot of love to make they are small and require a lot of time so I recommend making a double batch. Cook em all at once then freeze them in portions for quick week day soups or a fun addition to other dishes.


  • 1lb ground beef  1lb ground pork  OR 2lb ground turkey if you only do the poultry.
  • 1 minced onion
  • minced garlic probably 2 cloves
  • a bunch of fresh chopped parsley
  • salt pepper
  • 1 egg
  • about 1/2 cup Glutenfree bread crumbs
  • fill a pot with chicken stock to cook the meatballs in. i find this gets really fatty from cooking all the meatballs so i do not use this batch of stock as the soup.

Gluten-Free Meatball Mix Gluten-Free Meatball CookingGluten-Free Meatball Preparation  Gluten-Free Mini-Meatballs on Spinach


First mix all the ingredients together then begin rolling into the smallest little meatballs. I do the size of a blueberry. As I roll the little meatballs I place em on a cookie sheet. Once the sheet is full I drop them into a pot of simmering chicken stock. then strain them back onto the cookie sheet and flash freeze em so they don’t all stick together then you can portion them into little freezer packs for quick weekday grabs. once they float they are cooked. they are so tiny 5 mins should do er plus they will continue to cook when you reheat them as served. I like to put a handful of baby spinach in my bowl pile some meatballs on top then top with hot chicken stock. If you looking for something more filling add your favorite gluten-free pasta or rice.

Show me how you use your mini meatballs of love #GFWFOOD on social media

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