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How Gfreewifey Quit Smoking And You Can Too!

In grade school we had Friday night scary movie sleep over parties. After school, we would bike to the video rental store (yes VHS!!!) and pick up the scariest movies we could find, go back to the house and watch the movies until it got dark out. Once it was past dusk we would play hide and seek in the dark. The game where you lock yourself in the washroom stare at the light bulb while everyone maintains night vision and hides in the dark house. On one particular Friday, we all felt pretty cool as we caught one of our friends older sibling smoking cigarettes, then snuck in and smoked the butts that were tucked in an ashtray hiding beneath a shelf. We felt pretty badass that night smoking those cig butts and for 15 years after that, I was a smoker. I smoked anywhere from half a pack to a pack a day really depending on the situation of the day. Good news is I quit smoking and you can too!

For years I talked about quitting smoking. When you are a smoker you actually dread the thought of your last cigarette you plan the perfect last cigarette whether your favorite smoke is in the morning with a coffee, after a meal, driving, enjoying a cocktail on the patio. I had done this once before pick a quit date and countdown to doomsday at which point you hold the last little stick in the air say a pray and haul it back faster than any smoke you ever had and left you wishing you had more.

I am sure you have heard the saying insanity is doing something the same way and expecting different results. When I starting dating a non-smoker(GFREEHUBBY) shit got real. he bought me a book which he included with my gift. he said you don’t have to quit but it wouldn’t hurt to read it what do you have to lose. I graciously accepted the book exclaimed yes thanks, I have been thinking about quitting a lot placed it on my nightstand and there it sat for more than a year.

Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

In life, we can not teach someone something they haven’t evolved to hear, as infuriating as it is to have to watch someone learn something we ourselves have already learned. No matter what method you try to quit smoking if you’re not ready you are not ready. Finally, I was ready! the feeling of shame every time I lite up. I noticed I was often throwing nearly a whole smoke away. I was sick of hearing my symptoms and conditions dismissed because I was a smoker. I never smoked in my home but as one of the commuters on the 400 south every morning I did smoke in my car, which left the smell of nicotine burnt into my clothes and hair each day by the time I arrived. There are thinkers and doers I was tired of thinking about quitting I had watched my assistant manager at the time stop smoking and we celebrated her 4 months smoke-free while I continued to talk about quitting. As I started focusing more on self-love practices and setting goals to improve my life that goal moved higher and higher up my priority list. I was a role model for so many people I did not want smoking to be a part of my reality anymore.

I picked up the book that was gifted to me so long ago and sat there smoking and reading until poof! I was no longer reading or smoking. If you are interested in ending your smoking addiction or just the principals of the book that can be applied to so many other things in life grab a copy Allen Carr’s Easy Way. You do not have to quit before you read the book it even recommends you continue smoking while you read it. What do you have to lose a couple hours of time reading even if you don’t stop smoking after the book perhaps there are takeaways you can use somewhere else in your life. I found so much of the book reaffirming things I had already thought. Other than this post you will not hear me talk too much about quitting smoking or celebrating milestones of being smoke-free I believe that just affirms your denying yourself something instead give no thought to smoking. I am fine to be around people who smoke and I won’t preach to everyone to quit or die as I know that is not reasonable and everyone’s priorities are different. There are tons of government supports and apps and contest and products around quitting smoking check em out if they help you.

Quit Smoking

When you have a thought of quitting next, take the time to really focus on the why. Why do you want to quit and focus your intentions more on the why you want instead of the what you have to do to get it? SET GOALS, CRUSH GOALS! If Ashton Kutcher, Ellen Degeneres dig it maybe you will too! I believe in the global conscienceness and that we will all reap the benefits from a holistic lifestyle where we continually learn improve ourselves.


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