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Thunder Thighs

The Explorers Cafe is Driven by an age-old desire to see what is over the next hill or across the water, The explorer is fueled by the lure of the unknown, the undeniable thrill of discovery and the enduring enrichment that new knowledge brings. How fitting is their whole philosophy as I seek out new fitness adventures and finding foods I love and enjoy! It is one of our favorite spots for a dinner date, in Midland. We had an awesome dinner there and I just had to recreate it.

Thunder thighs, chicken thighs stuffed with sausage and wrapped in prosciutto Gluten-Free Sausage Stuffed Chicken Thighs

Severed alongside your favorite pasta,  rice a salad. To accommodate my celiac they suggested I order it on a bed of vermicelli noodles instead of fettuccine. WOW, loved it! I use rice noodles all the time now it’s like angel hair pasta but gluten-free. Yummy and delish. Cook a few extra to freeze up for easy grab meals and lunches.

What I used…

  • 8 boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 1 pack or pound of glutenfree Italian sausage
  • 16 slices of prosciutto or enough to wrap it all up
  • olive oil
  • noodles of choice
  • tomato sauce

What I did…

Take the thighs and spread em open.

Divide the sausage meat into equal portions and stuff the thighs. Sausage Stuffed Thigh Preparation

Once you have the sausage wrapped in the chicken, wrap the prosciutto around covering the chicken seam so you don’t need pesky toothpicks.

 Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken ThighsPreheat oven to 400f while Heating up a cast iron skillet or pan. Thunder Thighs Cooking

Cook all sides until golden take the whole pan and finish off in the oven until sausage meat is cooked in the center. Use a meat thermometer to check.

Serve atop a bed of your favorite pasta and sauce or potatoes or rice.



Let me know how you serve up your thunder thighs using #GFWFOOD.

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